A T-Shirt Freed from Restraints

Jill Lamm's "Kata-Tee—Designed From Scratch" T-shirts take the best of old designs and transform them to fit the time, rather than copying past patterns meaningless. Our products boast comfort and practicality while embodying the central idea that fashion is self-expression through clothing. 

A lot of effort is being put into the production process and story of Jill Lamm's products. By respecting the passion of everyone involved—from designers to manufacturers—and aiming to create a comfortable crafting and service environment, the product that ultimately finds its way to the customer is a high-quality embodiment of everyone's effort.

At the core of every business lies the fundamental idea of selling a product. The mission every company tries to accomplish by doing so, on the other hand, is unique. Jill Lamm's mission is to create a platform where people can gather and realize their passion.