“Mezuratee” Presenting You the Most Comfortable T-Shirt

Original LAMM’s “Mezuratee-Extra Comfortable” is aiming to bring comfort and good design to customers by putting emphasis on the production process and story of the product. 

By respecting the passion of any person involved in the production process - from designers to manufacturers - and aiming to create a comfortable crafting and service environment, the product that ultimately finds its way to the customer is nothing but a high-quality embodiment of everyone’s effort.

Original LAMM’s “Mezuratee” not only boast with comfort and practicality but embody the central idea that fashion is self-expression through clothing.



Aiming For True Traceability

At the core of every business lies the fundamental idea of selling a product. The mission every business tries to accomplish by doing so on the other hand is unique.

LAMM’s mission is the creation of a platform, where people can gather and realize their passion. In order to realize this respect for each of this platform’s passion is necessary.

Traceability in this sense does not only mean to offer an open platform for people to follow their passion, but also to offer products consumers can relate to.

There are of course many reasons why businesses won’t make information about their products public. These can stretch from the fear of falling behind the competition to the incapability of fulfilling orders. Yet, none of these put the consumer first.

In order for customers to comfortably wear clothing, they need to be able to understand and relate to the passion people involved in the creation process possess.

LAMM cares deeply about the traceability of this concept. This is why we will happily make information about our products public, so that customers can relate.


Delivering this one-of-a-kind T-shirt by mixing craftsmanship from the 60s and design from the 80s

This T-shirt has been created in collaboration with the 2013 established Brand “B”, which emphasizes green domestic production with their “ Japanese Craftsmanship + Street-style” concept, and “F/Plot”, which helped shape the textile design scene in Harajuku for the last 30 years, delivering this one-of-a-kind T-shirt experience.

Using high-quality materials, the fabric is knitted carefully using a loopwheel machine at a factory in Wakayama Prefecture, while the washing is done in Tokyo.

While researching vintage sewing machines and clothes from jersey cloth, the manufacturing happens at a factory in Tokyo’s Edogawa District, which upholds traditional Japanese craftsmanship values.

Cooperating with the many people involved in the manufacturing is no easy task. Brand “B” is among the few who makes visits to the manufacturing factories to ensure that the crafting environment always is in best condition, while also ensuring that fair profit is generated. This product came to be because of all the amazing people involved trying to give you their best piece of clothing.


To elaborate a little further, only valuable fallen supima cotton (recycled cotton) is used. And because a loopwheel machine is part of the manufacturing process the resulting comfort is outstanding. Furthermore, without any visible seams this piece of clothing provides the ultimate comfort and style.

Being particular about the sewing technique when using such high quality materials is important too. Fitting the elasticity of the material the Tenchi stitching technique (single stitch) has been chosen. This is our 100% Cotton T-shirt.

In cooperation with “F PLOT + AZOTH”, which helped shape the textile design scene in Harajuku and Sendai for the last 20 years, prints are carefully handled using screen printing techniques in Sendai. The design theme chosen to represent the retro look is of course JILL LAMM. A designer from the 80s who adores designs and T-shirts of the 60s is the image that should be delivered.

This vintage product is not only the result of loopwheel machine production, Tenchi sewing or screen printing technique, it is much more. It is a special piece of clothing that wants to be worn by people who embrace the background and passion behind its production.

The expensive price might sting, but we hope for your understanding when purchasing as this product has been made pouring craftsmen’s long years of skill and passion into it.

Please give the relaxed “Mezuratee” a try. It combines comfort, functionality, and brilliant texture, which has been finally realized in such an exquisite balance.

Chek it now!