About Jill Lamm

The Jill Lamm character by Lamm, Inc.


Jill Lamm in a Nutshell

Jill Lamm products combine Japanese pop culture with state-of-the-art manufacturing. Our dedication to quality is evident in every design, production, and printing process. We are committed to minimizing waste and creating work that stands the test of time, uninfluenced by fleeting trends.

Our Vision

"Giving creators a chance to "play" with their abilities through collaborations and produce goods of the highest quality in Japan to share overseas."

We're working to encourage Japanese content exports and expand Japan's content industry. This requires creating meaningful and sustainable products that outlast trends. Meanwhile, we seek to engage in win-win collaborations with companies, artists, athletes, and other creators.

Our Mission

"To promote Japanese art exports and expand the Japanese art industry."

When non-Japanese discover Japanese art and see something new and creative in it, its creators begin to realize its significance. Mixing cultural spheres with a sense of distance and having no contact points causes a chemical reaction and increases the vortex.

Our Philosophy

"Do your best, and continue doing what you love for the rest of your life."

In pursuing your dreams, you must strive to be the best and create fantastic work. You must surround yourself with likeminded people with similar skill sets and work together to improve each other. Even if only one person appreciates our work, it will be worth it.

Our Company

Lamm, Inc. is led by Creative Director Jill Lamm, who is the heart and soul of the company. Our team of artists creates work that captures young people's emotions and sees Japanese trends objectively. Through this process, we often uncover Japanese cultural resources that locals overlook.

Our company values include an uncompromising commitment to professionalism and aesthetics. Lamm, Inc. provides a service framework and criteria which sets the standard that our customers experience with our products.

We are ever-changing and thus have not chosen to build a formal corporate organization. Instead, we are a collective of artists sharing similar interests and values who come together and create value. 

We are very selective in who we invite to be partners because they must agree with and understand our core values. If we feel that our intentions align, we will agree to come together.

Our Character

The Jill Lamm character was born to promote cultural exchange using motifs commonly loved by people from diverse backgrounds. Lamm, Inc. will continue to connect people with shared values and lead to new friendships.


We aim to collaborate on social media with companies and individuals who share our values. Please feel free to contact us with any proposals or ideas.