Event Report: "Kan Jill," October 24, 2019

Jill Lamm Presents Kan Jill '19, Vol. 01

A Retro 80's/90's Japanese Themed Event at WeWork Harajuku

Led by CEO Kota Futamura, Lamm, Inc. is a company that provides quality retro-style Japanese products. In celebration of their service launching anniversary, they hosted an event known as Kan Jill ’19, in which 150 attendees had the opportunity to see Jill Lamm products, 90's anime cosplay, music by DJ Futurefunk, and more.


Lamm, Inc. started as a trendsetter, providing a welcoming environment for people to make their dreams a reality. With the motto, "If you really love it, keep doing it," Lamm produces and facilitates new creative projects backed by several talented members.

Lamm is looking to expand its horizons, encouraging people to collaborate and providing a community for businesses, cultural activities, and networking opportunities all over the world. See how you can become a part of this new creative process.

Jill Lamm Mascot



Kan Jill Logo



Mikazuki Bigwave (DJ) and HirariAnn (cosplayer)


loop wheel

Jill Lamm Members