Off-White Graphic Ribbed Tee
Off-White Graphic Ribbed Tee
Off-White Graphic Ribbed Tee
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Off-White Graphic Ribbed Tee

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Our Off-White Graphic Ribbed Tee is based on a vintage short-sleeved sweatshirt, transformed into a comfortable T-shirt.

Jill Lamm apparel combines ultimate comfort and design that can only be possible through the dedicated passion of its creators and an uncompromising focus on production quality.

Detailed. Soft. Vintage Inspired.

By approaching each stage of the creation process with ethically based decisions—from designer to manufacturer—and upholding an uncompromising philosophy that everything from crafting to customer service should be comfortable, the only possible outcome is a T-shirt that is the embodiment of the highest quality.

This T-shirt not only boasts comfort and practicality but embodies the central idea that fashion is self-expression through clothing. 

Classic Designs Are the Heart of This Comfortable and Fashionable Tee

This T-shirt is the unique result of converging influences from Jill Lamm's 2013 collaboration with the established brand, “B, Eknown for emphasizing sustainable fashion with its Japanese Craftsmanship X Street Style concept, and the print designers “F-Plot x AZOTH, Ewhich have helped to shape Harajuku’s textile design scene over the past 20 E0 years.

Many ribbed fabrics make use of thick materials but seldom do they incorporate ultra-fine 40’s combed yarn, plain stitch fabric, which enhances the T-shirt’s soft touch and extreme comfort. Furthermore, by avoiding the typical upwards movement of ribbed fabric by strategically hanging-down patterns, a great looking ribbed T-shirt can be realized.

Product Details

The neckband is a binder neck that has been strengthened with 2-needle stitching. The built-in gazette uses a highly elastic milling fabric. The sewing of both the gazette and shoulder (raglan) parts doesn’t use normal flatlock seams but strengthens them with a 3-needle double-swing stitch applied on top of the flatlock seams to increase its thickness. The sleeves and hem ribs use milling fabric and are reinforced with 2-needle stitching.

  • Sleeves: Short-sleeve / raglan / 3-needle stitching
  • Neckband: Binder neck / 2-needle stitching
  • Gazette: Available / 3-needle stitching
  • Sleeve Ribbing: Available / 2-needle stitching
  • Hem Ribbing: Available / 2-needle stitching
  • Pocket: None
  • Fabric: Ultra-fine 40’s combed yarn, plain stitch fabric
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Weight: 6 ounces (170 grams)
  • Gauge: 22G
  • Production: Made in Japan

     Product Notes

    • To ensure a natural, comfortable feel when worn, only pure and soft materials are used.
    • All manufacturing steps from sewing, coloring, and finishing to inspection are handled in Japan.
    Size Width Length
    S 47cm (18.5") 65cm (25.6")
    M 50cm (19.7") 68cm (26.7")
    L 53cm (20.8") 71cm (28.0")
    XL (LL) 56cm (22.0") 74cm (29.1")


    About Orders

    • The Off-White Graphic Ribbed Tee is manufactured on demand and in limited quantities, so it may take an average of 4 E weeks for delivery from the time of order.
    • The Off-White Graphic Ribbed Tee isn’t produced on a regular schedule. We will inform you as soon as the production of the next batch begins.
    • Orders shipped outside of Japan may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and fees levied by the destination country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient.

    Thank you for your understanding.